Find Help With Your Cleaning

There are many stresses that can build up from being a single parent, trying to deal with everything yourself can burn you out and lead to more harm than good.  Being a single parent is no walk in the park especially if you have the responsibility for more than one child, add the responsibility of work commitments, school commitments, running errands and chores, you have a recipe for chaos.  Every single parent can do with a little extra help sometimes, by giving children the opportunity to help with chores; it can help set an expectation, provide routine and ease the burden.

Set your expectations

Ensure your children understand what you expect of them in terms of keeping the home clean.  Play with one toy at a time before moving onto the next will prevent an untidy playroom.  Make the bed first thing in the morning gives them responsibility.  Place clothing in the laundry basket instead of leaving them lying on the bathroom floor.  Allowing them to understand what is expected can be an effective first step.

Have a daily routine

By having a routine, children will know what to expect and therefore are more likely to adapt to the situation. Having time to play, to clean, to eat will help them understand what is supposed to happen at certain times of the day with fewer arguments.

One instruction at a time

When it comes to young children, you need to be specific and give precise instructions. There is no use telling a toddler to clean up a play room as it may be too overwhelming for them or may not understand what is required.  Giving straight forward instructions, one at a time will guide them in the right direction. For example, you can say “Please pick up all the blocks and place them in the container”.

Have fun

Cleaning is a chore and you can sometimes feel that it is easier to do it yourself rather than getting the kids involved. However, you can make it fun and there is nothing children want more other than to make you proud.  So put on a song and have fun and dance with your kids whilst your tidy up.

Find yourself a reliable cleaner

Having the support of a reliable professional house cleaner that you can trust can ease the burden tremendously.  Professional cleaners have the tools, equipment and expertise to efficiently complete tasks that could take you twice as long if you were to do it yourself.  Having to juggle all the parenting duties as a single parent can affect your mental well-being and eventually something will have to give.  Having a cleaner come by once a month can ultimately give you back some of that time and energy to creating a nurturing environment for your children.